How Seniors Can Downsize And Move More Easily

by Michael Longsdon


When you bought that old house, it probably made good sense at the time. Maybe you had a family or plenty of friends to come by and visit. But now that you’re in your senior years, such a big house doesn’t make sense anymore. There are too many rooms to clean, mowing that yard is tough, and you just don’t need the space.


That’s why so many seniors are selling their house to downsize into a smaller home. Whether it’s another house, a condo, or an apartment, it makes a lot of sense. But moving can be particularly hard for seniors. Read on to discover some tips on how to sort through your things, how seniors can best pack, and why hiring a moving company is a great idea. All of this can help seniors get through a move more easily.

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Deciding What To Get Rid Of

One of the big problems with downsizing is what to do with all your belongings. Many seniors have managed to accumulate a lot of belongings over the years. When you move into a smaller
space, you'll have to get rid of some of those belongings.






















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Lifehacker has a great way of thinking about this: What would you replace if everything in your home disappeared? This helps you realize what’s really important — and what you actually don’t need anymore. Anything you wouldn’t replace can be donated, given to family, or recycled.


You also want to start early with the sorting process. Going through your mementos and keepsakes will likely bring up memories that slow the process down. Even if your move is months away, do a little bit at a time now so you’re not overwhelmed when it’s time to pack.

Making Sure The Packing Goes Right

Once you’ve sorted through your belongings and have decided what you will take with you to your new home, it’s time to start planning the packing process. That’s right, planning comes first. This can help seniors pack the right way.


In your plan, include what parts of rooms will be packed. By breaking a room into chunks of things to be packed, a job that would normally take one whole, annoying day can be done in several manageable parts. The AARP also says you should use this time to take an inventory of what you’re moving and to clearly mark what’s in each and every box.


The Senior List also recommends seniors ask for help when it comes to packing. Although you might be able to handle everything yourself, bringing in some friends and family can make it much easier on seniors both emotionally and physically. 

Get Yourself A Moving Company

As you're packing everything that's going with you, you’re probably thinking about how to get everything to your new place. As with packing, you benefit from getting some help even if you can handle it yourself. But when it comes to moving, you really should rely on professionals.


This is the perfect time to consider hiring a moving company. Move Seniors has some recommendations for picking the right moving company, including:

●Making sure the company is licensed and insured

●Looking with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against them.

●Get a clear estimate of the cost, including a breakdown of all fees.

Seniors Benefit From Downsizing

For seniors, downsizing can save  money and even help them move into a home that's safer.  You don’t have to let the moving and packing become unbearable. By decluttering your possessions, packing the right way, and getting a licensed moving company for the heavy lifting, you can have an easy time getting into your new home.